a special companion


I first came across the White Swiss Shepherd about 30 years ago in the UK, where I owned my first beautiful girl Emma. Her temperament, companionship, intelligence and fun personality stayed with me along with beautiful memories of the adventures we shared together.

Just over 4 years ago Autism became a part of our daily lives. At this point I began to research into companion dogs, and who should be at the front of my mind but Emma the beautiful companion WSS I had many  years ago, this began the research further into the breed and their availability in Australia. We found an amazing breeder and from there Blue became part of our family.

Blue has become a very special family member. My son and her are very close and she is very switched on to moods and energy, knowing when to give comfort, when to support and when to just play.

The way that Blue interacts with the children made me aware of how much help and support the White Swiss Shepherd could be to others both in an assistance dog role and simply as a beautiful pet and this is where the seed of breeding White Swiss Shepherds was sown....